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Did you know, Storybook Island was established in 1959 and has always been an Admission Free Park!
You may be asking how is this all possible!?! Storybook Island has 5 Full-time, year round  employees, who work to keep the park beautiful and up to date. But we couldn’t do it without the support of the community. We have days dedicated to volunteers coming in and helping us out, we love our volunteers! If you think you may want to help with volunteer work you can call the park at 342-6357, or by checking Facebook or instagram! Now back to that part about us being an admission free park. We love that we can be a part of the community but, in order to remain admission free we need your help. We have to raise alot of money every year to remain open.

This is what you can do to help:

When you come into the park, you can  place a little something in the donation box. By purchasing food and beverages from our concession stands, by purchasing souvenir’s from our gift shop. This is an easy and convenient way to help out Storybook Island.
You can also be a set sponsor, for more information you can look at the tab on this website that says Donations.
We also have 3 rental areas available throughout the park for parties. These each cost a small fee but that helps us also! Have a big party planned or a wedding, you can rent out the park for a whole or half day! So many ways for you to give back to Storybook Island and help make it great and here for your future generations!